Date: 18-01-20

i. Are my files treated confidentially?
  Yes. Knowing that you probably spent several hours or days on your design, we treat it with confidentiality. We don't publish renders or photos of your design, nor make the design available for everyone, without your permission. The uploaded models cannot be downloaded by anyone but us.
ii. What models are prohibited to be printed?
  We don't print models that are in conflict with our mission and value statement. For example, models intended for the weapons industry or models for which we have ethical concerns, like skimming devices, don't qualify for printing.
  Materials / Finishing
i. What colors can I get for a model?
  Once you've uploaded your model to our 3D print lab and chosen a material, you can see which standard colors the material has available. In addition, we have professional painting departments where we can paint your model in any color you wish. If you want your model in a color that is not listed, contact us and we'll tell you what your options are.
ii. Can I paint the models myself?
  Yes, you can. Standard model-making paints work well with polyamide and on the stereolithography (paintable resin, transparent resin and prime gray) and PolyJet (high detail resin) materials. Both acrylic and water based paints work as well, but several layers may be needed. This is especially the case for polyamide since its porous structure is still visible after one coat of paint. Please, do not use any harsh paints since some chemicals may degrade your models or react with the 3D printing materials. Use caution and lots of ventilation when painting.
iii. What material should I choose?
  There is no 'perfect' 3D printing material or process. There are a lot of criteria to determine the best suited material for your design. Most common are size, level of detail, which kind of material, use, color and finish. That's why we've made the 'Material (re)search Diagram', a flow diagram that allows you to find a suitable material for your design by answering some questions on your expectations.
i. Where can I track the progress of my order?
  You can track the progress of your order by logging in and going to 'Orders' in your profile. Then, when your order is shipped, the UPS tracking number will be shown on this page. You will also receive the UPS tracking number by email.
ii. Can I get a bulk discount for large orders?
  Yes, for most orders in our 3D print lab, the unit price varies, depending on the quantity of copies. But we are also capable of handling really large orders and huge volumes, for which we can give you an offline price. Or just contact us and we'll get right on it!
iii. What happens if I order something that can't be printed?
  Before sending the models to the printers they are checked for printability. If we encounter problems, we will contact you and, if possible, suggest solutions to make them printable. If we cannot find a solution, your order will be cancelled and your money will be refunded.
i. How long does it take to print a model?
  The standard delivery time (time between placement and shipment of your order) is 10-20 business days (except for priority orders), and depends on the complexity, material, and finishing of your order. Most of the orders are shipped within 10 business days.
ii. How accurate can you print my model?
  Dimensional accuracy varies for each material. Please consult our material pages.
iii. What is the surface quality of a finished model?
  The surface quality of your 3D printed model is defined by the material and the technology. Each material has a different natural surface quality. This is also true for the different finishing options. Consult our 'Colors and finishes' page for more examples.
i. What payment options are available?
  It is possible to pay with all major credit cards or PayPal. During checkout, you will have the option to pay by credit card or through PayPal. Choose PayPal if you have a PayPal account or an American Express card.
ii. Do I need to pay VAT?
  That depends on where you want your design to be delivered. For non-EU-countries no VAT will be applied. For EU-countries the VAT amount will be added to the total amount and can be claimed back via national tax authorities if you have filled-out a valid VAT number. VAT for EU-countries (excl. Belgium), can be prevented if you create an account, and after we have validated your VAT number.
iii. How do I use a promo code?
  Insert the promo code or voucher into the predefined field during the checkout process. When the code is valid, you will see the discount appear. Contact us if you need any help.

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