Date: 19-11-19

Food Packaging

Smart Biz champions the reduction of food waste through continuous innovation in packaging technology for the protection, preservation and presentation of your products. We work to the highest standards of research and development, operate lean manufacturing processes and hold a best in class health & safety performance across our businesses.

Our stringent implementation of our Environmental Policy also means that we constantly look to all parts of our business to ensure our environmental footprint is as green as can be. We are focused on reducing our CO2 emissions, minimizing our use of energy and water and moving all our sites to zero-to-landfill status. We manufacture packaging with industry leading levels of recycled material content and internally recycle all materials wherever possible in our bid to create a closed loop packaging process.

Our dedicated Lin care Customer Service Centers are tasked with ensuring we deliver the most efficient packaging solutions to our customers throughout the world in the retail, catering, food manufacturing and packing sectors. Through our Lin care Service Commitment we ensure our customers are at the heart of everything we do across our network of 16 plants and 26 sales offices and we are business accredited by internationally recognized bodies and industry associations to provide you with peace of mind.
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