Date: 19-11-19

Smart Biz has the advantage of being equipped with full-fledged pre-press studio with all the latest technologies and machineries. The team assigned to pre press is well experienced and highly efficient to handle any challenges


IBM Desktop                                                                   IBM Laptops

Laser Printer                                                       Color Printer

Scanner                                                                         CTP Machine

Complimenting the recently attained printing machinery, Smart Biz has a Press section, where 30 of manpower work around the clock to implement the client’s impression and aspirations using the latest techniques available in the printing industry. In this department, all our major machines were well configured, which highlights our quality aspect.


Smart Biz is equipped with high configured automatic machines, manpowered by over 20 personnel who ensure that the finishing results are in sync with the client’s requirements. A great deal of attention is laid on the ‘finished’ product by our exceptionally skilled manpower who gives attention-to-detail.

The progressive functions in the Post press studio are

Paper & Board:

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