Date: 19-11-19

It is our constant Endeavour to exceed customer expectations. It is with this objective that Smart Biz is responsible for prepress and repro activities of the company. ART has been set-up to focus on areas such as structural and graphic design, use of varied raw material and suggesting to customers, different types of finishes to be incorporated in their packaging.

This centre is located in heart of Dhaka making it easy access and experiment with different possibilities.

ART is equipped with Esko Graphics Suite 10 PDF enabled workflow and has all facilities for designing, editing and processing of jobs. The facility is also equipped with the latest Kongsberg Sample Table for the production of printed / unprinted cartons including complete proofing facility.

ART is connected to both manufacturing plants by dedicated leased lines and to customers via e-mail.

We have setup an ink management system based on world famous Pantone standard. This system allows us to mix and match inks from a set of base colors thereby not only reducing inventory but also providing inks of the desired shade consistently. These in-house ink kitchens are managed by some of the world's leading manufacturers of inks from Europe.

Packaging Services Industries understands the importance of printing the correct color. We utilize the most current software and equipment to ensure color consistency from press run to press run.

The process begins with a target color supplied by the customer. We work closely with our ink vendor determining the press the job will print on, reviewing artwork to determine sequence, providing anilox configurations and substrate. All are essential when developing or predicting how the color will print prior to ever going to press.

Once the color has been matched and the proof has been approved, we are provided an electronic version of the approved color. We load that standard into our system and will measure against that standard on all future runs. The equipment used and the software packages installed are in alignment with our ink vendor. This not only speeds our process up, but also ensures accurate color from beginning to end.

An ink formula, unique to the job, is then used to blend ink on-site. We have an ink kitchen that not only allows us to react quickly to our customer’s needs, but also customize each batch of ink dispensed. The ink kitchen also enables PSI to make the correct color adjustments (if needed), quickly and accurately. The use of a spectrophotometer and color formulation software is used to read and monitor color throughout the press run.                                    

Smart Biz has European printing machines having up to 9 colors + 1 reverse printing capability. They are extremely competent in handling a maximum printing width of 1200mm with print speeds up to 350m/min. They also possess a registered cold seal coating facility for special applications and an electronic line shaft.

These printers are also equipped with a continuous auto splicing technology for uninterrupted printing, an auto viscosity controller for consistency of shade throughout the print run; an auto register control system rated the global no.1, for precise registration and flawless printing. The Israeli automatic defect detection system, a first of its kind, with patented technology is another highlight. Unlike conventional systems which only view the surface of the print, our system not only detects but also warns and highlights the defects found during printing like shade variation, mis-registration, streaks and spots etc. This machine is also equipped with static eliminators, automatic fire extinguishers in case of emergencies and net assisted maintenance systems.

Smart Biz has the best in class European lamination machines manufactured by the leaders of the solvent free and solvent based lamination technology.

These machines have industry best coating widths and can reach speeds up to 600m/min. They also have the ultimate capability of doing on-line corona treatment and can also address off-line cold seal coating. These machines are adept at handling most of the substrates: paper, foil, film, etc.

Smart Biz has slitting machines again from the acknowledged No.1 in the slitting industry achieving speeds up to 600 m/min with a working web width suiting the upstream printing and lamination process, they also have roll diameter sensing and roll length counter that can be auto set in the machine for precision.                                          

We have also equipped both the plants with pouch making machines that are adept at making Side seal / Centre seal / Gusseted / stand up pouches / Zip lock and Stand up type pouches.

➽ Between both the plant of Pondicherry and Sitarganj, we manufacture enough blown film to cater      to 100 % of the in house demand.

➽ The configurations of the machines allow us to process all polyolefins and special polymers to        maximize the film performance for various applications.

➽ Ranging from narrow to wide width blowing configurations, this gives us the desired flexibility in      optimizing customer specific requirements without losing efficiency and productivity.

Paper & Board:
• Fungicide treated paper
• W/F offset paper in reel and sheet [ 60 - 120 gsm ]
• Coated paper (all sort) [ 40 - 170 gsm]
• Duplex board (all sort) [ 210 - 450 gsm ]
• Card board [ 120 - 350 gsm ]
• Self copy paper
• Self adhesive label paper
• Facial / Toilet tissue paper
• Table napkin paper
• Newsprint paper [ 38 - 48 gsm ]
• PE coated board [ 230 gsm ]
• Directory paper
• Coated Board for paper cup

• PET [ 12 - 30 micron ]
• OPP [ 20 - 35 micron ]
• BOPP [ 20 - 30 micron ]
• Pearliest film [ 20 - 60 micron ]
• Nylon film
• PVC shrink film [ 40 - 50 micron ]
• Metalized film [ 12 - 25 micron]
• PP zipper

• Aluminum foil [ 06 - 40 micron ]
• Blister Foil [ 20 micron ]
• Ethyl Acetate
• Ethyl Alcohol
• Toluene
• Polyurethane
• Isopropanol
• Zyline
• Water based UV varnish
• Dry Laminating adhesive
• Hardner
• Callendering Oil
• Offset varnish
• Gravure varnish
• Gravure and Flexo inks
• Gold lacquer
• Al-foil primer

• LDPE ( Extrusion / Film grade )
• LLDPE ( Extrusion / Film grade )
• EVA ( Extrusion / Film grade )
• HDPE ( Film grade )
• Master batch
• Pearlising powder
• Hologram Hot Stamping foil
• Hologram Lamination film
• Hologram Security sticker
• Hot-melt adhesive
• Parafin wax

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