Date: 19-11-19


Label printing of a wide range of products are specialised by Smart Biz. Our services of label printing range from printing materials, garment, and corporate gifts.

Smart Biz is able to satisfy our clients with the premium quality of our products. We serve clients both locally and internationally. Smart Biz Label provides specialise in all kind of label printing from textile to printing. Smart Biz is able to provide wide range of label printing solutions and customised designs to suit our clients' needs with quality.

Specialise in printing / silk-screening of all kinds of pressure sensitive (self-adhesive) labels / stickers:
    ➟ Label for computer & computer imprintable label
    ➟ Barcode label / Blank label for barcode printing
    ➟ Thermal transfer label
    ➟ Aluminium foil label
    ➟ Polyester film label
    ➟ Food & Beverage label
    ➟ Pharmaceutical label
    ➟ Destructible / warranty / security / warning label
    ➟ PVC (Weather-proof) sticker / Decal
    ➟ UL & CSA listed label
    ➟ Fluorescent / Hologram Label
    ➟ Insulator / Die-cut

Stamping of Precision Insulators / Die Cuts with special materials:
    ➟ Mylar, kapton, nomex, tyvek, teflon, silicon rubber, nylon, polyester, aluminium decal etc
    ➟ Transfer tapes and foam tapes
    ➟ Electrical insulator tape / gasket spindle

Product Sample:
    ➟ Polycarbonate / Lexan / Insulator
    ➟ Yupo Paper with Lamination
    ➟ Computer Hole Sticker
    ➟ Aluminium Foil
    ➟ Security Label
    ➟ Electrostatic / White PVC (Permanent & Removable Adhesive)
    ➟ Mirror-Coat / Woodfree / Art Paper
    ➟ Fluorescent Paper / Hologram
    ➟ Barcode Label
    ➟ White / Silver / Transparent Polyesters
    ➟ Gold / Silver Polyester Hairline with Lamination

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