Date: 28-02-20

Smart Biz is one of the pioneers of ID card printing, having manufactured card printers. We differentiate ourselves by providing a quality product with enhanced card security features, and by providing the best support and warranty in the business.

Smart Biz offers digital ID cards printing services to the clients and generates output according to their specified details. We have standard ID card designs but also create custom ID cards for meeting customers' requisites more effectively. We are involved into different types of ID cards designing and printing.

Our solutions are trusted by a wide spectrum of industries for a multitude of applications including:

Employee identification badges / Cards
Employee ID Badges / Cards

Identification badges/ID badges provide visual authentication of the holder via a picture or other personal data such as name, ID, barcode, or signature. It also acts as a corporate image vehicle, thanks to a high-quality finish.

This type of id badge is used by:
  ⇛ Small and medium organizations: employee id badges , business             cards and visitor identification badges,
  ⇛ Trade shows and related events: visitor badge,
  ⇛ Local authorities.

Personalize ID badges with Evolis Card Printers
Thanks to their advanced and quality-focused printing engines (color photo-grade printing), the Evolis card printers personalize identification badges on demand, singly or in bulk.
Evolis recommends you Zenius to print and personalize your identification badges.
Bank Cards
Bank and Payment cards

Banks and credit companies are increasingly moving toward instant and over-the-counter personalization of banking cards (the holder's data is printed and the smart chip is encoded on the spot).

Such a decentralized solution is the key to delivering replacement cards in the event of loss, theft, or destruction, or even for opening new accounts.

Personalizing payment card with Evolis Card Printers
Thanks to their advanced and quality-focused printing engines and multiple encoding technologies (magnetic stripes, SMART and contactless chips, and even SIM cards for mobile phones), Evolis printers personalize banking cards and other e-payment media on demand. Banks can, therefore, instantly provide their customers with a personal card.

Evolis Card Printers recommends QB10, Elypso , Zenius and Primacy to print and encode bank and payment cards.
Government Departments
Governmental organizations & applications

National ID cards , resident permits , driver's licenses , health cards : these official documents require premium levels of security standards to fight forgeries, and need to resist to wear and tear as well.

Plastic id cards are, therefore, the ideal solution for any official document that has a credit card format.

Badge and card printing with Evolis Card Printers
Thanks to their advanced and quality-focused printing engines and multiple encoding technologies (magnetic stripes, SMART and contactless chips), Evolis printers personalize cards and badges with added security and durability.

With Evolis Securion , cards can be laminated, thanks to a film or a varnish with holographic elements to optimize security (holographic elements are very difficult to forge) and the lifespan of any such cards (up to 10 years).
High security applications such as airports
Security and access control badges

An Access control card secures and prioritizes access to a site or to a corporate LAN, thanks to visual identification and to encoded data related to the holder.

This type of badge is used by:
  ⇛ Large organizations,
  ⇛ Sensitive premises,
  ⇛ Public areas,
  ⇛ Universities,
  ⇛ Governmental organizations,
  ⇛ Healthcare organizations,
  ⇛ Airports and harbors…

Printing and encoding access control badges with Evolis Card Printers
Thanks to their quality-focused printing engines and to multiple encoding technologies (magnetic stripes, smart and RFID chips), Evolis card printers personalize security and access control badges in ones or in hundreds.

To print and encode your access control badges, Evolis recommends Primacy card printer.
Educational institutions
The purpose of a Student ID is to provide visual identification of the holder. Meanwhile, such a card can also be used for control access to selected premises, logging onto an IT network, or even as a payment card or a transit pass.

Student ID card as an identification badge
A student ID makes it possible to identify its holder as a student and let him/her capitalize on all benefits of this status within the University or with third party organizations.

Thanks to Evolis card printers, you can personalize in a jiffy, all data needed on a plastic cards.

A student ID card with multifeature encoding
Besides identification, a student ID supports multiple other requirements and applications.
Let’s have a closer look at the Student ID from COLLINS University, a great example of how multiple technologies can be combined within a single card.
The student ID benefits from the latest encoding technologies, and is used:
  ⇛ For identification (presence at exams, borrowing books from the library, etc.)
  ⇛ For access control (access to entertainment, sports infrastructures and cafeteria, etc.)
  ⇛ As a payment card
A student card can use this multifeature card to access different areas and buildings on the campus, or to pay for meals and photocopies.
Such a multifeature student ID can be loaded with different encoding technologies such as Smart Card Encoding with contact or contactless (RFID).
Hotels, resorts and restaurants
Access cards and badges for hotels and resorts

Whether you manage a hotel, a youth hostel, a camping ground or a holiday resort, you most probably need access control systems , employee badges and even loyalty cards .

Evolis provides an extended range of quality printers , easy to deploy and operate, and that cater to all requirements from the accommodation industry.

Printing identification cards is made simple
With our printers, you can print your own badges and personalize them by adding a picture, a name, a logo, and in full compliance with your graphic style guide.

You may even add color codes to identify different areas that can be accessed by selected profiles (customers, staff, security agents, and others).

Evolis printers offer multifarious data encoding options : your guests will use their badge to access their room or buy selected services from you: access to the bar, to the swimming pool and the spa, to shops or lounges.

And how about providing your regular guests with the benefits of a loyalty card , which will support your sales, bring value to your customer experience and entice them to visit you again?

Plastic card printers with multiple encoding options
With the Evolis printers, you can print cards on one or both sides , in color or monochrome , and encode data on a magnetic track or smart cards .

You may also combine encoding options to design cards that can be used for payments when your customers purchase your services (bar, restaurant, laundry, and more).

Electronic payment offers more comfort and eliminates your staff having to handle cash.
Leisure Cards – membership cards
Leisure & Membership cards

A leisure card identifies members, thanks to graphic personalization. It can also be used for controlling access to various facilities according to a user profile that can be encoded on a chip, a magnetic stripe or bar code.

Leisure cards are used for:
  ⇛ Associations ,
  ⇛ Sports clubs ,
  ⇛ Sports federations,
  ⇛ Cultural (concerts, festivals) and sports events (in stadiums),
  ⇛ Hôtels ,
  ⇛ Cruise ships,
  ⇛ Casinos ,
  ⇛ Night clubs,
  ⇛ Libraries ,
  ⇛ SPA centers,
  ⇛ etc.

Print leisure cards with Evolis Card Printers :
Thanks to their advanced and quality-focused printing engines and encoding technologies (magnetic stripes, smart and contactless chips), Evolis card printers personalize leisure cards on-demand or in runs.

To print leisure cards, Evolis recommends Zenius card printer.
Loyalty Cards - Preferred customer cards
Customer Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are used by retailers as promotional vehicles of their corporate image through printed logos and graphics. They are also used to track all purchases, thanks to a chip, a magnetic stripe or a bar code.

They support graphical, magnetic, or electrical personalization. Points of sales are increasingly switching over to a decentralized process that instantly delivers their loyalty cards.

Loyalty cards are used by:
  ⇛ Retail stores,
  ⇛ Franchisees,
  ⇛ Unions of independent retailers,
  ⇛ Retail industry…

Print loyalty cards with Evolis Card Printers
Thanks to their advanced and quality-focused printing engines and multiple encoding technologies (magnetic stripes, smart and contactless chips), Evolis card printers personalize loyalty cards on-demand and at the retail store level. Retailers can, therefore, instantly provide their customers with a card that can be immediately used.

Evolis recommends the Quantum card printer to print and encode your loyalty cards.
Healthcare: clinics, hospitals and pharmacies
Health Cards

A health card is an official document that identifies its holder, in addition to the terms and conditions of the holder’s entitlements to medical coverage.

Identification and personalization at a glance
With this health card and all embedded information (full name, date of birth, IDpicture, type of medical coverage, etc.) medical follow-up is improved while access to health care is made simpler for patients.

The Evolis Card Printers personalize and print all data in a snap, in color and with photo quality.

Health cards: smart and highly secured
As an official document, a health card requires top security to fight any forgery attempts.

With multiple encoding options (magnetic stripes, contact smart cards and contactless RFID smart card), basic or advanced data related to the holder can be embedded in the card (insurance terms, scope of medical coverage, etc.)

Furthermore, the card lamination and the hologram technology from Evolis provide the levels of security and durability required by official documents such as health cards.

We bring with us a wide range of experience having understood and implemented solutions for customers spread over a large geographic area and with varied needs and complexities.

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