Date: 19-11-19

People & Work Culture

Smart Biz is supported by a highly competent and motivated team consisting of committed and dedicated individuals. Driven by customer satisfaction and individual responsibility, the team works towards the goal of making Smart Biz, the most sought after & reliable IT, printing & packaging company. Performance is paramount at Smart Biz. We have extensive measurement and incentive system to identify and encourage performance. In this way, the extra effort that our employees put towards customer satisfaction is quickly recognized & rewarded. We do not differentiate our people with any criteria other than performance. We spare no effort to create a work environment that is flexible, supportive and empowering. Mutual trust and respect define our employee relationships.

Smart team comprises of post graduates from leading packaging institutes of the country, who provide a multitude of valuable insights and innovative ideas in the area of packaging solutions. They work in close co-ordination with all stakeholders of packaging industry to keep pace with developments around the world, and to innovate and provide tailor-made solutions.

Smart team plays an advisory role by being involved with the client at every stage from design to manufacture. The team focuses on maximization of value and constantly works towards development of smart alternatives and substitutes in the required field.

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